The provision of jacketing for flanges, valves and other pipe connections for insulation and acoustic and corrosion protection, is often low on the list of priorities. This can result in ill-fitting covers made from incompatible materials. Regular maintenance and inspection of pipework requires jacketing systems which are simple and easy to remove and more importantly, easy to re-install.


Standard HEATGUARDS for process, commercial and residential sites comprises Glass Fabric outer & inner, with central 50mm Mineral Fibre Insulation. Our clever yet simple Velcro and draw-cord design allows easy install & removal. Non-standard client requirements can be accommodated using different material combinations.


For high temperature applications such as Exhaust lines, we utilise purpose made mattresses with internal steel mesh suitable up to 1200°C. These jackets are expertly tailored to exactly fit, but are cleverly designed to enable simple removal and re-fitting, using stainless steel fasteners, hooks and or specialist strapping system. They are manufactured from high temp glass fabrics, (a high density "E" Glass Filomat Needlemat Insulation), up to 100mm thick depending on the temperature to be tackled.

Drawing from many years experience, we can work from detailed drawings or perform surveys, enabling us to provided a fixed-price quotation. We can even install the jacketing for you.

For further information or to discuss your specific requirement, please contact us by phone or email.