How our Safety Shields work

Installing our safety shields is both simple and quick, requiring no tools.



This shield is simply wrapped around the centre of the outside flange diameter, with industrial strength Velcro at each end to hold it tight in place.

Multiple flange diameters can be accommodated with single Sureband Clear shield sizes (please see our sizing sheet PDF)



The shield is held together around the flange using a quick-release clamp connection. Simply wrap the shield around the flange, align so that the central 'crimped' mesh sits centrally in the ridge between flange edges, insert the end with the four slots in-between the mesh and band at the other end.

Clamp the hook down on into the slot that provides enough tension to hold the shield in place (not the slot with the tightest possible fit)


Original Fabric Shields

There are two pull-cords which run parallel along the length of the outside of flange. Two Velcro tabs are also situated at each end of the shield, which are only used to keep the shield in place while the cords are being tightened. Firstly, wrap the shield tightly around the flange. The two Velcro tabs fasten together to close the shield and hold it in place, ready for tightening of the cords.

On one side of the shield, bring the cord together and pull tight, wrap the cords around the pipe once or twice if possible then tie it in a square or reef knot ONLY. (i.e. a knot which does not release under pressure.) Repeat on the other side of the shield with the other cord. Do not cut the cords but tuck them between the flange and shield.

We have two shield designs, technical fabric and stainless steel. Both allow quick and simple install and removal without tools.