Surveying and Installation

Whilst safety shields & flange guards are relatively simple products, it is important to have a clear understanding of what is required (purpose & shield type) and exactly which plant areas and pipe runs need shields.

Consideration of a variety of issues is required to ensure success, otherwise shielding projects can run into problems, normally during the survey, installation phase, or later on when additional shields are required.

We recommend downloading our TOTAL SHIELD SOLUTIONS GUIDEBOOK for further information about identifying PURPOSE and SCOPE, then going on to perform SURVEY and INSTALLATION. 

The cost of man-power (surveying, installing) and site preparation (access, platforms, scaffolding etc) can easily exceed the shield costs. Further, selecting shields that are not fit for purpose, will ultimately increase the costs further (and associated man-power costs will also increase).  

We can assist you all the way through this process, whether it be initial consultation, simple site walk-round or full survey (and installation) assistance.

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