Oil & Gas

Safety is paramount within the Oil & Gas industry from extraction, through pipeline & terminals, to refining & petrochemicals. Several common safety shield applications exist within the wider oil & gas industry, including prevention of oil mist, acid spray-outs and jet fire.

Energy Industry regulations (EI15) sights the use of porous spray guards to prevent oil mist. It states:-

“flammable atmospheres may also be formed where flammable fluids handles below their flash points are released in the form of a mist or spray. Such materials, normally regarded as non-hazardous, should be treated as hazardous when they are pumped or under pressure and are capable of producing a mist or spray due to the possibility of a release from a small hole or flange leak. They should be regarded as a Category C fluid generating a hazardous are as appropriate.” 

"Porous spray guards can be used around flanges and known potential leak points, causing the material to coalesce back to a liquid… rendering it non-hazardous"
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Typical applications in the Oil & Gas industry include;

Acid / Alkali




Oil Mist


Gas Jet