Shield Pressure Testing

There is no internationally recognised international standard for Safety Shields. So how do you know your shield is going to work? This is a common customer question, and for most shield manufacturers, the answer is vague at best. We don’t think that’s acceptable, given the critical nature of such a safety product – so we designed and built our own Pressure Test Facility.

The FLANGEGUARDS difference is that all our designs are pressure tested to ensure spray and mist prevention. We can also offer this in the form of a downloadable Hydro Certificate.

“But all shields broadly work in the same way, right?”.....WRONG

Sadly NOT ALL SHIELDS ARE THE SAME, so when the price of failure is high, make sure your shield is fit for purpose. The following videos tell the story.....


SUREBAND Steel & Clear under pressure

SUREBAND Steel quick-fit


SUREBAND Clear quick-fit

SUREBAND Steel vs fabric shield install

SUREBAND Clear vs fabric shield install



SUREBAND Clear Velcro strength








Flangeguards shields vs Competitors

Marine Industry Compilation



Pressure test facility