Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select shield size if I don’t know flange class/rating?
For standard flanges, you can simply measure the flange outside diameter and check these against our flange tables (on pages 20 & 21 of our guidebook), or send us a schedule of the flange OD’s and we can send you a quote by return.

What is better, PTFE or PTFE-CLEAR?
The specifications for both shields are similar. Normally it’s a personal client choice which reflect site preferences. Some customers prefer a litmus indicator patch, which changes colour to give visual leak indication. Others prefer to see the flange under the shield, at all times.

I need shields for a specific delivery date, how can I find out the lead time?
You can either fill out your shopping cart and ‘send’ to us, or simply email/call us with your requirements, and we will confirm delivery lead time.

What testing takes place, how do I know the shield will work for my application?
All our designs are Pressure Tested to ensure they prevent spray and mist, and retain their integrity . If you have a specific application in mind, contact us and we will make a recommendation.

I would prefer someone to visit me to discuss my application, is this possible?
Yes, we regularly visit customers to give advice and perform surveys & installations. We are represented around the world, so just make contact with us directly and we will start the dialogue.